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Pitch Companies Announced – NEXT 2020

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

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NEXT Venture Pitch 2020 is proud to announce the companies that have reached the semifinals. These companies will pitch for funding and compete for one of two finalist spots on Day 3 where they’ll go head-to-head to prove why they deserve a showcase spot at Venture Atlanta in October.

The companies who will be pitching are listed below and are sorted in alphabetical order.

3Key Digital / WAVS

3Key Digital prints custom-fitted earbuds from a revolutionary patented process that can scan a customer’s ears with their own mobile device.


6AM City

6AM City (“6AM”) is an audience development company that’s building a disruptive local publishing technology platform that curates, packages, and distributes hyper-local content designed to maximize audience engagement.


Agulus, Inc.

Agulus is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that helps farmers thrive by expanding their markets and increasing their revenues. Their online marketplace uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to quickly and intelligently pair buyers, sellers, and shippers.



Base is the first software built specifically for assistants. With their tools, assistants are putting an average of 8+ hours back into their week and increasing leverage for the executives they support.


Broadband Infrastructure, Inc.

Broadband Infrastructure provides the infrastructure buildout for broadband, streaming, and 5G technology services.



BurnAlong is an online video health and wellness platform. Users can take classes from a growing network of 100s of instructors across 45 categories where they can participate in solo classes or live with others for social motivation.



Checkkeeper is an online check printing software that can use check-stock or totally blank white paper. They also use automation to print and ship checks with the click of a button.


Custom Donations

Custom Donations allows users to easily embed online giving forms into their existing website while also giving non-technical staff the ability to securely launch custom giving forms in minutes.



DebtBook makes software to help governments and non-profits better manage their billions in outstanding (and growing) debt.


ELYSIAN Media Group

ELYSIAN is a women's media brand catering to an international market of professional women. Their editorial mission of inspiring and connecting women worldwide serves as the connective tissue between early-stage career women (median age 35) and established, professional women (median age 55).


Edge Technologies, Inc.

Edge provides Connected Intelligence that leverages business and technical sources that give visibility and control to complex situations and processes. It's a software solution suitable for traditional and cloud environments.


Ethos Medical

Ethos Medical has developed the Iris: a needle guidance system that enables clinicians to more reliably insert needles into the spine. The Iris attaches to ultrasound imaging equipment that hospitals already own and adds real-time guidance functionality by tracking the trajectory of the needle before it punctures the skin and by displaying this trajectory on top of the ultrasound image.



FortifyData provides a SaaS-based platform that assesses the cyber risk exposure of a business and their associated third-parties and provides steps to mitigate those risks.


Hank AI, Inc.

The software platform augments digital knowledge worker productivity while learning from them during their existing workflow. Hank then automates an ever-increasing proportion of the work traditionally performed by the human knowledge worker.


Hook Security

Hook Security is a cybersecurity, behavioral science, and SaaS company that trains employees on how to better spot cyber attacks. Hook sends fake cyber attacks via email to test and train employees.



Infill is a cloud-based platform for commercial real estate that covers every property in the US. It enables teams to work together virtually, carry out their daily prospecting in real-time, or execute general property research activities. With one click, users can "unmask" the actual property owner behind the publicly recorded shell company (typically LLCs).


Mailprotector empowers managed service providers (MSPs) with a wide range of cloud-based tools for hosting services, email security, management, and email data encryption.

Website:, Inc combines machine learning and applied intelligence to provide farmers with real-time localized environmental and climate data to minimize their reliance on chemicals and water. improves farm business economics and the sustainability of worldwide food production.



Modjoul provides an IoT software platform that connects IoT data from employees about how they are doing their work. With their platform, Adecco and Belk have seen an over 60% reduction year over year in injuries.



PunchList is an all-in-one real estate repair solution. We help real estate agents and their clients take care of repairs before, during, and after the closing process.


Rabbu, Inc.

Rabbu makes property investors more money by converting long-term rentals into short-term rentals via platforms like Airbnb. They’re a new age, tech-enabled property management company that gives property investors more passive yield.


Reveal Mobile

Reveal Mobile is a location data solution, providing a SaaS-platform for retailers, CPG companies, and advertising agencies. The platform uses privacy-compliant location data to provide foot traffic analysis, audience building, and attribution for companies where physical locations are important.



ShipChain offers end-to-end supply chain visibility for freight. They seek to end the frustration that often prompts the question, “Why is it I can know where my pizza is in transit, but not my truckload of freight?”


Soteria Battery Innovation Group

Soteria is dedicated to ending lithium-ion battery fires no matter what. Focusing on innovation, Soteria has developed two licensable technologies to achieve its goal and is bringing the industry together through an open innovation consortium whose initial members include NASA, Mercedes-Benz, DuPont, Bosch, Applied Materials, and Teijin.



Get Spiffy is an on-demand car care technology and mobile services company with the mission to disrupt the car care experience everywhere. Spiffy offers the following services on-demand and at your desired location: wash/detailing, oil change, tire install & repair, decontamination, exterior restoration, fueling, defueling, and more.


Ternio, LLC

Ternio “empowers companies to be their own bank.” They're disrupting remittances and payments through their global open banking platform on the blockchain.


True Load Time

TLT is a technology & data analytics company focused on the transportation & logistics sector. Their patent-pending solution enables customers to identify and mitigate inefficiencies in the pickup and delivery process that result in billions in losses annually across the industry.



By leveraging a proprietary gig-economy platform and university students’ free time, Undergrads has created a scalable way to provide labor-only moving services to individuals and companies. Undergrads provides customers with an on-demand, cost-effective, and reliable alternative to traditional moving while simultaneously enabling students to commoditize free time around their class schedule.


VADE Group Inc.

VADE uses solar-powered cameras and computer vision to provide real-time parking space occupancy data through an API. They provide the hardware for free and use a SaaS model to charge cities and vendors for integrations with wayfinding, enforcement, and analytics.



Youturn provides proprietary video content about addiction delivered over a confidential Learning Management System (LMS).


Zylö Therapeutics Inc.

Zylö has a disruptive topical delivery system (using highly engineered silica particles called Z-pods™) that provide enhanced stability and sustained release for a wide range of payloads, including the 'miracle molecule' Nitric Oxide, cannabinoids, retinol, lidocaine, and more. This means lidocaine user receive long-term pain relief...without an actual patch!


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