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Get your brand in front of the 2021 Venture Pitch crowd by applying to pitch. All Southeastern startups are eligible to apply, starting Monday, June 21st. The deadline for all applications is August 15th, 2021.


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Looking to apply? Please refer to these frequently asked questions before completing the application. 

Q: Can I apply to pitch at Venture Pitch 2021 if I applied or was chosen in the past?

A: Yes, you can apply again this year!

Q: When is the deadline to apply?

A: Applications will be accepted from June 21st to August 15th.

Q: What stage of companies can apply to pitch at Venture Pitch?

A: Any stage of company can apply for Venture Pitch.

Q: Is this event the right fit for my company?

A: Venture Pitch is a great fit for companies that are in the southeast and that would be considered investable in the next few years. 

Q: Do I have to be actively seeking capital to pitch?

A: You do NOT have to be currently raising money to pitch at Venture Pitch.  Many companies present to raise awareness for future capital raises.

Q: Who will have access to the pitch video I submit?

A: Since selected videos will be presented to event attendees, you should assume that the video will be publicly available.

Q: How do I know if my application is received?

A: You will receive a confirmation email.  The email will include your submission as well as a link for part 2 of the application.

Q: Who will be reviewing my application?

A: All applications will be confidentially reviewed by the Venture Pitch Selection Committee.

If you are selected as a semi-finalist, your video will be presented to event attendees for a chance to be selected as a finalist. Only the submitted video will be presented to attendees, no other submitted files will be made public.

Q: I lost the link to submit my video, where can I find it?

A: The link will be in the confirmation email you received from your initial application.



Brian Handly, RevealMobile

Since last year’s NEXT Venture Pitch Conference, Reveal Mobile has had record-setting quarters for our flagship product, VISIT Local, which grew more than 181% year-over-year. VISIT Local helps marketers target exactly the audiences they want and eliminate wasted ad spend. The company also broke into the Inc. 5000, the fastest-growing private companies in America.

We have made several new relationships with potential investors, customers, and partners, enabling us to grow the business strategically. We have several big announcements on the horizon that will place us at the forefront of the ad tech industry during one of its most vibrant periods.

Shay Houser, YouTurn

Youturn continues its growth with significant wins since last year's event. New customers include the Clemson College of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences, The Meadows, The GEO Group, expansion of the South Carolina Veterans Administration project as well as a pilot program with Uber.

The conference provided me with a handful of new contacts that I continue to cultivate. That has been helpful and it's led to various peer introductions.


Tyler Traudt, Debtbook

"Since we pitched last year, we've found product market fit and have started growing rather quickly. We've recently crossed over $1 million in recurring revenue and are hopefully going to hit $2 million in a few months. Our team felt this competition helped us refine our message to better communicate our problem and solution which we've carried over into our sales conversations."

Brian Morin, Soteria

  • The round was oversubscribed at $3.25 M vs. $2.25 M sought.

  • Our consortium has grown from 52 to 90+ members

  • We have sold our second license to the technology, and had two commercial announcements

  • We are preparing for our Series B, to expand into electric vehicles

  • Five new patents have been allowed


Scot Wingo, Spiffy

 We acquired a fleet maintenance competitor and partnered with like-minded businesses to expand our offerings across B2B and B2C customers.     

Introducing Spiffy Franchising resonated with entrepreneurs seeking business opportunities focused on digital transformation and convenience-oriented consumers. We have launched 4 franchise markets so far, including two in SC. NEXT Venture dovetailed nicely with our franchise strategy because we picked up our regional SC franchise group thanks to the event.